How to Use Lego Cheat Code

How do you use the Lego cheat code

If you’re playing an LEGO game, then you know that there are some hidden secrets that can make the experience more enjoyable. From the stud multipliers to fun gameplay modifiers such as Force Ghost Yoda, there are plenty of ways to add more fun to your experience.

While cheat codes are becoming less and less common in gaming, the Lego games have been keeping the tradition alive by providing different codes that will unlock various items that give players more choices when playing. The 2022 version of the game is no different. This article will provide all the codes that can be used in order to unlock characters, ships, and multipliers.

The LEGO Star Wars series cheat codes operate differently from other games. They are activated through an option menu that isn’t immediately sent to players. Instead of having to open up the Holoprojector menu or pause the game to enter a code, players can simply open the Extras tab by choosing the ‘Enter Code» option.

The menu will show an electronic keyboard, on which the player can enter the cheat click here to investigate code. The player will receive an email to confirm that the cheat code is now in the game.

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